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Although The CJ Investment Newsletter regularly discusses investment concepts, from time to time it used to feature "Mini-Lessons" which would focus on one aspect of investing or concepts that affect investing.  In this fashion, readers would become more knowledgeable and discerning when exposed to information that included some of these concepts.  Some of these Mini-Lessons are presented below.  Perhaps Mini-Lessons will again appear in newer CJ Newsletters when the time and subject are appropriate.

September - Capital, Money Supply, Inflation and the Financial Markets

June - Multiple Contraction & Expansion

March - Short Selling

August - Buying Climaxes

March - Gold Versus Gold Equities

November - Excerpts from "Why Investors Fail"

October - Why Stock Indices are Hard to Beat

May - MACD

April - Money Supply

March - Investment Choices

February - Support & Resistance

January - Earnings

December - Technical Analysis

November - P/E Ratios