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Prior to 2009, not all of the old CJ Newsletters will appear - only the ones with "meaningful" content.  Such content would include theory, explanations and other information that has some relevance today or will help you understand current market and economic conditions better.  If an older letter has only some meaningful content, only that portion of the original letter will appear here.

March - The Trump Card

September - Wrongheadedness

August - You May Not Want What You "Deserve"

June - Large Perspectives

March - Spotting/Measuring the Bear

December - Misusing Financial Engineering

October/November - Charting a Course

September - Self-Made Pain

May/June - Property Rights and "Fairness"

April - Why the Fed Does Not Want to Raise Rates

February - The Greater Fool Theory

December - Apply Liberally.  Rinse.  Repeat.

October - Interest & Exchange Rates

September - The Cost of Regulation

August - The Laws of Nature

July - Witnessing History?

Jun - Securities Risk Management

May - Chart Review

March - Misunderstanding Capitalism

February - If You Don't Keep It, You Never Made It

December - So What?

November - The Crash Course

October - Governmento Obscuro

September - Has the Inevitable Arrived?

August - It's a Technical Market

July - Market Assessment & Gold

June - Fingers of Instability Redux

May - The Value of Money

April - The Liquidity Monster

February - Risk Assets 

December - Hard Lessons

November - Omnibus

October - Bastiat the Genius

September - The Nominal Versus the Actual

August - You May Not Want What You "Deserve"

July - Logical Consequences

June - Why TCM Client Portfolios are Positioned as They Are

May - Everything is NOT Fine

April - Steroids & Soft Walls

March - Economic & Market Assessment

February - The Purchasing Power of Money

January - Thoughts about 2012

December - One-trick Pony?

November - Party Time or Party Over?

October - Reasons Why the US Economy is Stuck

September - Cyclic History

August - Ignorance is NOT Bliss

July - Herding Behavior in Investing

June - Truth or Consequences?

May - This is STILL America!

April - Market Base or Market Top?

February - Dow 12000 Redux - Now What?

January - Thoughts About 2011 & Beyond

December - The Last Bubble?

November - Roth Conversions

October - The Wile E. Coyote Market & Economy

September - The Relevance of the P/E Ratio

August - Bear Market Tactics, Tracking Error and the SEC

July - Chicken Little Redux

June - Economic Law

May - So Much Things to Say

April - A Brand New Trend

March - Why Greece Matters

February - A Correction or Worse?

January - Investment Risk

December - The US Government Shows Its Economic Impotence

November - Another Head-fake?

October - Do Stocks & Gold have "Legs?"

September - Trust, Society, Government, Investing & Gold

August - Short-term Bull, Long-term Bear

July - Tunnel Vision

June - The End of the US Dollar?

May - Selling the "New Bull Market"

April - Investment Timing

March - Government Policies - Solutions or Problems?

February - Stimulus?

January - US Government Policies Will Not Fix Its Economy

December - Betrayed by Our Own Government?

November - Greenspan's Legacy

October - The Price We'll Pay

August - You May Not Want What You "Deserve"

April - Not-So-Free Markets?

March - It's Obvious

February - Let's Repeal the Law of Gravity, Too

November - See No Evil...

October - The Fork in the Road

September - Freedom Also Means Freedom to Fail

August - Crunch

March - Jump Off or Keep Riding the Bull?

November - Fingers of Instability

September - Dominos Falling

July - The New Big Lie

July - Even Keynes Wouldn't Approve