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All of these videos are in wmv (Windows) format.  Consequently, they may take a little while to load, depending on your download speed, because of their size.  Thanks for your patience!

All of these interviews occurred prior to my creating Trend Capital Management, LLC, so I was properly introduced as a member of my previous firm.  All of the opinions expressed were mine and should not be considered my prior firm's positions or opinions.

4/10/2009 - NOT the Time to Invest - My bad intermediate-term market call...  My economic call is spot on, but I underestimated the Marshallian K effect on the market of the monetary stimulus (QE's 1 & 2) created by the Fed beginning in the fall of 2008, not to mention the inflow of capital from overseas.  My comments below for the 9/18/2008 interview apply here also.

9/18/2008 - Gold - This interview happened prior to QE.  Summer, 2011 Update: I no longer believe the US will experience "stagflation."  Instead, because of demographics and the crashing of money multipliers and velocity, I believe we experience a traditional deflationary recession in which all things become cheaper except currency, including gold and silver.  Inflation will still become a problem when the next expansion begins unless the Fed contracts M0, something they will fear doing because it might quell the nascent recovery.

9/3/2008 - We Pay the World Pays? - Why Meds in the US Cost So Much.  And, no, I do not specialize in the pharmaceutical industry.  That was a miscommunication to Stuart Varney by someone else at FBN.  Note my reaction when he introduces me as such.

9/30/2012 - Lewis at Large  Radio interview with Warner Lewis on Lawrence, KS radio KLWN 1320 AM.  This interview focuses upon the US economy, especially the effect of the changing value of the US$ upon the economy.  This includes how US government actions (deficit spending, Fed moves, etc.) have affected both investing and the economy in general.  (About 30 minutes)

Kansas City Star 3/19/2013                                                                         - Fed Policies Could Boomerang

Kansas City Star 6/26/2012                                                                         - Everything is NOT Fine                                                                         

Kansas City Star 11/29/2011                                                                      - Why the US Economy is Stuck 

Kansas City Star 5/17/2011                                                                        - Risk vs Reward in the Current Markets 

Kansas City Star 11/23/2010                                                                       - How Taxation Affects the Economy

Kansas City Star 3/16/2010                                                                         - Greece, The other European "PIIGS" and What They Mean to Us

Kansas City Star 8/4/2009                                                                         - The Impact of the "Cap & Trade" Bill on the Economy

Kansas City Star 3/31/2009                                                                         - The "Real" Reason the Banking System Broke

Kansas City Star 1/27/2009                                                                         - Keeping you "Keynesianly Ignorant;" What Violating "Say's Law" Means.

Kansas City Star 9/2/2008                                                                          - Why US Drugs Cost More; Perhaps My Most Important Article; This One Put Me on Fox Business with Stuart Varney

Kansas City Star 9/4/2007                                                                          - The Liquidity Injection Should Not be a "Shotgun Approach"

Kansas City Star 9/12/2006                                                                         - Diversification is No Panacea

Kansas City Star 6/27/2006                                                                         - Why the "Nash Equilibrium" has Propped up the US$

Kansas City Star 4/4/2006                                                                          - Cash is a Legitimate Investment Choice at Times

Kansas City Star 6/14/2005                                                                         - Understanding Inflation and Where It Comes From

MSCPA Asset Magazine May, 2002                                                               - Asset Allocation is NOT "Set It and Forget It"